In My Kitchen – March 2014…and an explanation

This morning I woke up excited at the prospect of blogging again. Hooray, I was going to get in on the first day of Autumn and submit my first blog post in over 6 weeks.

Then I checked the date. The 4th Of March. Oops.

Not sure how, but I convinced myself that today was the 1st. Maybe it’s because it was a short February. Maybe it’s because when you’re at home with a child all day every day you forget what day of the week it is let alone the actual date.

So I owe you all an explanation. You, my fellow loyal readers, and you, my fellow gorgeous blogging friends who I enjoyed frequenting your blogs on a daily basis and lately haven’t been able to do so.

Actually, I’ll tell you what’s in my kitchen this month first, then the explanation.

The In My Kitchen series is all brought to you by Celia at Fig Jam and Lime Cordial, a collection of posts from around the world, and a sticky beak into the bloggers kitchen that month. So without further ado,

In my Kitchen: Are pickled Armenian Cucumbers.

armenian cucumber pickles

Armenian Cucumbers are often labelled ‘wild cucumbers’ and have rippled or ribbed textured skin and are deliciously crunchy. I buy it from my local Middle Eastern deli. These pickles are a  wonderful compliment to any meal.

In My Kitchen: Is Indulge Coffee Mocha Ice Cream from Aldi’s.

aldi's coffee mocha indulge ice cream

This would have to be my ultimate indulgence at the moment. The coffee flavour is absolutely gorgeous and actually quite strong like you were sipping on a double espresso. Throughout the ice-cream are large chunks of bitter dark chocolate. My local Aldi’s brings it in weekly and you have to get in quick, it disappears off the shelves in a flash.

In My Kitchen: is Ginger beer.

ginger beer

I got hooked onto ginger beer on the South Pacific cruise we recently travelled on. Ginger is a great way to curb sea sickness or nausea and God knows just how sick I was this time around. We’ve been back a few weeks now but I’ve become accustomed to the taste and my fridge is now nicely stocked with this non alcoholic beverage.


Pickles, ice-cream and ginger beer….

Have you guessed it?

In My Kitchen: A bun in the oven…

bun in oven

I’m beyond elated to advise we’re expecting our second bubba on the second day of Spring!

Which brings me to explain and apologise to you all.

I apologise for the lack of posting. The truth is I’ve been so lethargic and nauseous this time around, I’d feel like a fraud speaking about food if even the thought of it started to make me gag. I’m 14 weeks along and the nausea has only just started to get better. It was the opposite with my daughter, I had a very easy and problem free pregnancy with her and this around it has been so different. We have been eating out a lot because handling slimy chicken or meat, and then cooking it has made me sick. The smell has made me sick. I’m only just starting to get any thing close to an appetite back and hope that things improve from here.

The 2 weeks on the cruise ship was interesting to say the least. Try combining sea sickness (rough seas leaving and returning to Sydney) with morning sickness when every step you take is some sort of restaurant on a cruise ship. It’s like food is literally thrown in your face on-board. Relax, eat! Relax, eat! Have fun, drink then EAT! Food, food glorious food everywhere you turn but not so fun when you’re feeling green.

The other fun unknown fact about pregnancy is that it makes your eyes dry and often blurry. I haven’t been able to sit at a computer for longer than an half an hour at a time because it makes my eyes hurt. I refuse to take eye drops because during pregnancy something happens to me that my husband refers to as ‘anally retentive’. I refuse all sorts of drugs, paracetamol, antibiotics and in this case eye drops. My theory is ‘just in case’ and regardless of what any doctor or study says that conclude it safe, I just cant bring myself to do it.

So there you go folks. I hope to be back in full spirit and mode soon! I also look forward to sharing this experience with you (the good parts!)






60 thoughts on “In My Kitchen – March 2014…and an explanation

  1. Hello – so good to have you back! I have missed your posts and wicked sense of humour. Can’t imagine how the trip was with morning sickness. Phew must have been tough. Welcome back lovely, and congrats on the baby! How exciting!

    • Heya Julie, thanks so much! Oh trip was ‘fun’ lol if you can count spewing, running after a feral 2 year old down corridors and not being able to drink away your sorrows fun LOL but at least the places we visited were absolutely gorgeous xx

  2. Congratulations on your pregnancy and making it through to 14 weeks. Those early weeks are always the worst, whether it’s the morning sickness or the fatigue or the worrying if everything is okay. I always love the second trimester; it was like time to relax and just enjoy being pregnant. I love the look of the pickles – they look enormous xx

  3. Congrats to you and your Husband, Lisa!!!! Such wonderful news! I hope you feel better with each passing day. Until you’re back to 100%, blogging should be the least of your worries. Take care of yourself. We’ll be here, patiently waiting for your return.

  4. Congratulations again Lisa!!! Sorry you’ve had a rough time but hopefully you’re through the worst of it.

    Haha glad I’m not the only one. I didn’t take so much as a Panadol when I was pregnant!

  5. Congratulations lovely one, welcome back, take all the time you need, we will still be here for you. A bun in the oven, love it! xo

    • Nothing better than babies alright! Except when you’ve woken up for the zillionth time that night, with cracked nipples to clean up the pooplosion that’s just spread everywhere LOL. Bring it on!
      Thanks Maureen xx

  6. Welcome back Lisa, we missed you! But so glad to hear you are ok and your exciting news, huge congrats! Hope you feel much better very soon, you poor thing not being able to live it up on the cruise…sea sickness is bad enough, without the rest. Glad you are getting some joy with the pickles, ginger beer and coffee mocha icecream…yum! X

  7. Congratulations and best wishes for improved health from now on in your pregnancy, Lisa!
    Each pregnancy is different. just as each child has their own personality and place in your family. Enjoy this as much as you can- and keep that ginger beer close to hand!

  8. Yay, yippee, woohoo! Wonderful news Lisa. Congratulations to you and your hubby. How exciting to be adding a new life to your family. I am looking forward to reading more about the journey of your pregnancy. Feel better soon.
    Have a lovely day.
    🙂 Mandy xo

  9. Great to see you back, and huge congratulations! I hope the morning sickness eases off – it’s no fun at all. Definitely sounds like you deserve another holiday… two weeks feeling rough really doesn’t count!

  10. Congratulations, what a blessing! I know what you mean about time slipping by, it’s crazy how fast that happens when your totally focused on something else. I do hope each day ahead is better and better — enjoy the glow of bringing forth life! 🙂

  11. My heart felt congratulations to you and your husband, Lisa. How wonderful to be expecting another child. Sorry to hear about your morning sickness…especially on top of being seasick. I hope that ice cream gets you through the day and each day brings you lots of pleasure.

  12. Congratulations for your happy news! Sorry to hear you were so sick on the cruise, but that pales in comparison to knowing you are pregnant again. Nice to see you back blogging again, rest easy when you can and enjoy your ginger beer/ice cream combination 😀

  13. Welcome back. congratulations and I am sure we all understand your absence. There is plenty of time to blog when you feel better

  14. congratulations! great to have you back! i’ve missed yor posts. hope you get over the nausea soon.
    ps and i’m not pregnant but i also love coffee ice cream and ginger beer! not pickles though 😉

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  16. Congratulations Lisa! Wow, I’ve been wondering where you were and I’ve missed your posts so I thought I’d check in….big surprise! I hope you are on your way to the ‘good part’ of being pregnant…that tiny space in between nausea and beached whale. LOL Good times ahead!

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