Sydneysiders day trip to Mt Tomah Botanical Gardens

I adore Autumn in Sydney, probably because green and orange are two of my favourite colours and there certainly is an abundance of both around nature. From the Autumn foliage changing colour and crisping up to the glorious sunsets bathing our beautiful city.

A beautiful reminder of both these colours occur only an hour and half drive west of Sydney. Mt Tomah Botanical Garden isย situated at the gateway of the Blue Mountains on the Bells Line of Road. We decided to make the most of our midweek public holiday on ANZAC day by taking a day trip to the beautiful region passing Bilpin to go apple picking and onto the gardens to admire the landscape, be one with nature and get a kick out of stepping on as many dried up crunchy leaves as possible.

With the cooler weather ahead of us, I highly recommend my Sydneysiders head West. Go now! It is such a beautiful place this time of the year. Go now, before the leaves drop and trees go bare.


Mt Tomah Botanical Garden

Mt Tomah Botanical Garden

Mt Tomah Botanical Garden

Mt Tomah Botanical Garden

Mount Tomah Botanical Gardens

Bells Line of Road, via Bilpin, NSW 2758. Entry and parking is free. Phone (02) 4567 3000



12 thoughts on “Sydneysiders day trip to Mt Tomah Botanical Gardens

  1. A glorious place at a glorious time of the year! Thanks for the photos! My first marital family owned the largest apple farm [‘Tarapark’] at Bilpin and iIbrought up my whole family there . . . truly beautiful, don’t think we appreciated it enough at the time!!

  2. what stunning pics! It has been a life time since I was in the Blue Mountains – we went for a day hike and I loved the colours and quiet ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Hello Lisa
    Thank you for stopping by my blog so that I can discover the wonderful space you have here. I love fall colors, there is something about the shades of red and orange in the leaves that is so comforting!

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