In My Kitchen May 2013

I’m so excited to bring you the next instalment of the lovely Celia’s brainchild ‘In My Kitchen’ May 2013. I must confess my fridge is quite empty, we have been living frugally and making do with what we have already half opened or making dishes that are simple, contain few ingredients and eating less meat.

So what’s in my kitchen this time round?


Magnets from our travels around the world, adorning my fridge.

They are a constant reminder of where we’ve been, the stunning food we’ve eaten (and on some occasions regretted!) and how beautiful and small the world really is. We absolutely love to travel and explore the city as the locals see it. We almost never take bus tours or eat in hotel restaurants. Give me street food any day!

Stopping at tacky commercial souvenir shops has now become a tradition and I’ve paid up to $12 (!!) for fridge magnets most likely made in China, however I really don’t care. I still reminisce about my travels every time I open the fridge door.

The three photos on my fridge are also three happiest days our our lives; Our Wedding Day, Honeymoon in Fiji and our first family picture, my daughter is about 5 minutes old.


Pureed and frozen baby food

My daughter is now 20 months old and eating solids, all textures crunchy and soft however I still have an abundance of baby food in the freezer stored in ice cube trays that was basically a pureed version of whatever we had for dinner. In retrospect I probably should’ve labelled and dated the bags (Silly me!) but I’m fairly confident these are no older than 3 months old ( A nice lucky dip!). Little Miss doesn’t mind the odd puree as its easier for her to swallow, and as I hate wastage, we’ll continue to use these up for when we’re eating out or if I’m making something like steak that is still quite hard for her to eat.

I take 7 ‘ice cubes’ and thaw it over a double boiler. Dinner is served in under 5 minutes! All the dishes are made using a minimum of 5 vegetables and chicken/meat/fish/lentils or pureed cooked down fruit for dessert.

Terrier Tea Cosy

My West Highland White Terrier Tea Cosy from Inverness, Scotland

Being a tea drinker, it’s imperative the temperature of hot water remains toasty warm and this tea cosy certainly serves its purpose. I adore this tartan tea cosy, a generous gift from my beautiful Sister on her travels through the UK.  It’s incredibly thick and insulated and I can see great uses to put it over my homemade yoghurt mixture to keep it warm and snug as it snoozes and grows (recipe for that another day!)

 Nargileh Hookah Hubbly Bubbly

Nargileh water pipe.

 Also known as Hookah, Arghila, or Hubbly Bubby’s, they’re essentially Wog Bongs! I don’t smoke cigarettes, but do occasionally light up my Nargileh with some apple flavoured Shisha tobacco and puff the night away. Shisha tobacco is flavoured syrupy tobacco mix with molasses and vegetable glycerol, quite frequently flavoured with apple essence. The tobacco doesn’t contain nicotine and certainly isn’t addictive in nature but I do find it completely relaxes me and I crave it every now and again wanting my sweet apple hit.

To light a Nargileh, place the Shisha tobacco in the ceramic head, cover it with foil and place a scorching hot charcoal pieces ontop. Fill the glass bottle with water and bubble away!

 So there you go, dear reader! Another sticky beak of what’s In My Kitchen. Please head over to Fig Jam and Lime Cordial (right side column)to see the contents of other Foodies and their kitchens around the world.

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29 thoughts on “In My Kitchen May 2013

  1. Hi Lisa. I love fridge magnets. I have so many. I am going to feature them in up and coming IMK posts! The wedding photo looks gorgeous.

  2. Lisa, what beautiful photos on your fridge! You all look so happy! Thank you for sharing them with us! Your lucky daughter obviously eats very well, and I’m intrigued by the hookah pipe – I didn’t know it used nicotine-free tobacco. So is it just a herbal mix in the water?

    • Thanks Celia! The tobacco sits ontop, smoke filters through the pipe and the water bubbles as you inhale. There are so many Hookah cafe’s now in Sydney, especially out West, you really must go! They’re wonderful. Try Titanic or Sweet City in Bankstown. They have booths large windows, one Hookah made up is usually about $30 and is shared amongst friends. Wash down with thick sludgy Lebanese coffee and a baklava. Bliss 🙂

  3. I have always been reluctant to buy magnets while I travel, I guess I don’t want to fill up my backpack with too many trinkets. I love that you have collected some amazing things travelling, sometimes I wish I carried a bigger bag – 35litres is not much.

    • You can never have enough space when you travel! We always try to pack light with hopes of coming home with a full suitcase, but more often than not, we end up buying a whole new luggage to accommodate for more space!

  4. I, too, love these IMK posts and enjoy getting a peek into where the magic happens. Like you, I buy small souvenirs and place them around the house. Spotting one will remind me of the trip and invariably I’ll smile. 🙂

  5. I used to do the same to wean my children; storing pureed food into ice cubes is so convenient and you know what’s in it. Much better homemade!
    I love your magnets! You have a lively and happy kitchen!

  6. It’s so nice to have reminders of places, events and people.

    I used to puree our meals as baby food – the range of baby foods was poor when my kids were small. Not only that but they were way too pricey!

    I love your hookah. I’ll put that on my list of things to try!

    • Yep, pricey and so flavourless!! I bought my daughter a jar once early on when I was out and about and forgot to pack her lunch, and I couldn’t believe how terrible they tasted! Nothing like home made 🙂

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