Garden Share Collective – December 2013


Last month I mentioned Sydney decided to chuck a tanty and forgo spring because the weather was hot hot hot. Then like 30 seconds later, it chucked another tanty and the weather became cold cold cold! I sit here, it my robe and uggies writing this up on the first day of summer.

Welcome to the last Garden Share Collective post for 2013, a collection of vegetable patches across the globe all thanks to Lizzie from Strayed from the Table
Please take the time to take a sticky beak at my previous Garden Share collective posts to catch up or take a refresher on my progress.

3 of our 4 pallet beds are finally planted up. We’ll get to the 4th when I catch my breath!

A lot of prep work went into getting the patches ready. First weed mat was lined along the sides to stop the grass from growing through the pallet boards.

Gourmet Wog

Then 3 layers of thick cardboard was laid down to stop the weeds from sprouting through. Then the fun and smelly part of preparing the soil. My husband spent many weeknights sifting soil to make sure there were no onion weed seeds and to that he added compost, cow manure, mushroom manure, 5 in 1 mix, dynamic lifter and finally chicken shit. Noice.

Next it was time to plant!  We planted up the first bed with tomatoes and basil. It looked like this when first planted up (first week of November):


And 3 weeks later (the power of a shit load of rain and a shit load of shit) it looked like this:



The 2nd bed turned out to be a ‘bits and pieces’ bed and contains tomatoes, eggplant, basil, parsley, chilli, leeks and poppy flowers


The 3rd Bed (my favourite) is neatly lined with our new crop of leaks, more tomatoes, zucchini and cucumbers. We planted these up 2 days ago, just in time for this post


I love the way the leaks border the patch. We made sure to plant the leaks at about 20cms below the rest of the veggie patch to bank up the soil as they grow throughout the next few months.

growing leek plants

The other veggie patches are coming along nicely. I won’t show you the kale because you’re probably sick of hearing me talk about it, but just know that they’re still there, they’re thriving and they’re still going berserk.

The purple climbing king beans are doing just that, climbing. We’re yet to see any beans yet.

climbing purple king beans

Our dwarf French beans though are producing masses and masses. I pick a generous handful every single day. Most of the time it doesn’t make it back to the kitchen as they get devoured straight from the plant.

dwarf green beans

Our Hungarian yellow chillies are rewarding us well. They are surprisingly incredibly chilli!

hungarian yellow chillies

Finally, as hoped, we had much more success with our Pontiac Potatoes. I wanted to leave them to grow a bit longer but we had some really crazy storms in Sydney throughout November, and lots of rain so it was time to harvest them before they rot or go mouldy. These red gems were uncovered after planting only 4 potatoes in the hessian sacks.

pontiac potato plants undercovered

And there it is, my last Garden Share Collective for the year. Happy Gardening everyone 


46 thoughts on “Garden Share Collective – December 2013

  1. Yes, the weather has been all over the place. I’d just like a little consistency. Every morning I never know what to put on as you don’t know what the weather will do – so many extremes. I love how everything in your garden is doing so well – and your husband is a true gem for making sure no onion weed made it into your veggie patch – hero! xx

  2. Those tomato plants really like your garden conditions don’t they – so much growth in just a few weeks! It’s interesting to see that you can harvest French beans and chillies so early in the summer, I’d be waiting until at least mid-summer before I could pick any. Does everything in your garden grow so well?

  3. The new beds look fabulous and wow quick growth! Love that your hubby sifted for the onion weed, that stuff is a terrible pest so good for him. You are going to get a huge harvest from those new beds 🙂 Enjoy and have a wonderful festive season. K

  4. I am so envious of your new garden beds they look wonderful! Hasn’t the rain been great for the garden? Mine has grown like crazy too.
    I so hope I can get a few potatoes from my patch.
    I think you might have to start a stall outside your house!

  5. i cannot believe all that growth happened in THREE WEEKS!!!! my lordy. i too love your border of leeks – it’s important to have a good looking vegie garden. so abundant and lush, it must be a pleasure to harvest for dinner 🙂

  6. Wow you must have some special rain in Sydney – those tomatoes took off crazy like for three weeks growth – amazing. Your spuds look really good too. You have been busy in the veggie patch but looks like you will be rewarded with a great harvest soon.

  7. Wow Lisa, I am so impressed! You and V are very dedicated. Good to hear about the rain also. I also love the fact that you can ‘browse’ the garden to see what is for dinner. Can’t wait for the day you cook for me again 🙂

  8. My, my, Lisa! How your garden does grow! Your tomatoes really did grow and in only 3 weeks. That was quite a handful of beans you held there, too, not to mention the pot of potatoes. You’re going to reap quite a harvest in the not too distant future. 🙂

  9. You busy have worked so hard. Look at your lovely garden! I wish I could go back to gardening again but I’m reluctant to until I’m in my own place again.
    Your garden is rewarding your hard work, look at all the gorgeous bounty!
    I hope it flourishes for you, my dear! Looking forward to seeing what goodies you make with it all. And I’m upset there’s no photo of the kale…..

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