Smelly, flavoursome Shanklish

Ever walked around your fancy delicatessen and seen something you have no idea what to do with?

I love deli’s. There is a smoky, salty smell that hovers over the counters and isles from the pork laden meat cuts to the mouldy creamy cheeses.

One of my favourite varieties of cheese is Shanklish.

Shank What?!! I hear you say

Shanklish is a salty pasteurised Cow or Sheep’s milk based cheese, similar to feta in consistency that is rolled into balls and covered in dried herbs, (usually Zaatar or thyme) smokey paprika and chilli that is then left to age and dry. It is very common in Middle Eastern cuisine and is served in Restaurants as a mezze or antipasto option.

So what do you do with Shanklish? I like to unwrap the ball and smash it with my fork into little pieces until its flaky. Add some diced ripe tomatoes and shallots and drizzle it with lots of Extra Virgin Olive Oil. It is traditionally mopped up with soft delicious Lebanese Bread
DSCI1983 DSCI1985
So tell me dear reader, what deli item would you like to brave and buy one day, but you’re not quite sure how you should use it?