Pallet Vegetable Gardens by the handy husband…

making pallet vegetable veggie patch

Bless my husband. He’s a real mans man. The type that’s too proud to call for help, the ‘I’ll do it myself’ type of guy.

He’s a horticulturist and landscaper by trade and when required can be a plumber, electrician, a carpenter, a real jack of all trades.

When I told my husband that I sowed too many tomato seeds (36 popped up!) he said that it was ok, and he’d build me more garden beds. Isn’t he just the best?!

I reminded him about our savings, or lack of and he said it’d be ok he’ll build it for free. Bless him! We didn’t have any bricks left like the second garden bed he made. This one would be made from pallets.



Pallets are a fabulous way of recycling wood, are commonly free (just ask your local landscaping supply shop, nursery or even greengrocer)

All pallets, by law, are required to have stamps. Most are heat treated however some are chemically treated making them unsuitable for growing fruit and vegetables. Be sure to look for the HT stamp, confirming the pallets are indeed Heat Treated.

pallet stamps indicating the wood is heat or chemically treated

The husband made one, and I ooh’d and aahh’d at how crafty he was.

This motivated him to make a second.

Don’t you just love the ‘socks and thongs’ look? Bloody Wog!!

Don’t you just love the ‘socks and thongs’ look? Bloody Wog!!

Then a third.

making pallet vegetable veggie patch

And next thing we know, there are four planter boxes!

All in a few hours work, and free!

making pallet vegetable veggie patch

To ensure they last throughout the years, a couple of coats of pure Linseed Oil were applied, both sealing them and bring out the beautiful natural colours of the wood.

My husband’s motto is ‘Happy Wife, Happy Life’ and sure enough it thrills me to see these complete. I’ve been marvelling his handiness every time I go to the backyard.

I better sow some more tomato seeds!