Slowly but Shortly, I’m back!

So my ‘short break’ was a 2 year hiatus.

A lot has happened in 2 years!

I popped out my second daughter who is now a walking talking little person in her own right, and as our family has expanded, I found myself busier than ever. If I’m not working my full time job, I’m a full time mother. There has been a lot of new recipes trialled and tested on the family and I can’t wait to share them all with you.

Slowly but shortly.

Bear with me and stay with me dear readers, for there is a journey ahead. A Woggy one, full of great food, that may give you garlic breath and parsley teeth, but boy oh boy will it taste extraordinary.

Much love,


2016-03-02 00.44.00

My girls!


15 thoughts on “Slowly but Shortly, I’m back!

  1. Awww what a treat this post was. I know I’m not the only one who has often wondered how you were getting along. I don’t know how you keep a full time job and 2 kids in today’s world so my hat’s off to you. I hope to hear about those recipes one day soon. xxoo

    • Maureen!! I’ve certainly been enjoying your website over the last couple of years, believe me! It’s been my ‘therapy’ to sit down after the kids go to bed and have a squiz with a nightcap. I hope you and your family are all well health wise and in spirit.

      I’m not entirely sure how I do it either, but somehow it gets done. Its swim or drown.

      I’ll join the IMK family again in April! x

  2. So great to see you back, Lisa! Looking forward to new posts as and when 😉 Lovely pic of you and your two gorgeous girls.

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