In My Kitchen June 2013

It’s that time of the month again! Come round, gather up and take another sneaky peak into my kitchen, courtesy of Celia, the wonderful creator of Fig Jam and Lime Cordial

So what’s In My Kitchen this month?

My new bench top compost bin!

benchtop compost bin

My daughter gave me a proper rotatable compost bin for Mothers Day and I was stoked! When I told some of my workmates what I received, they looked at me with sad eyes and asked if I was disappointed. Ha!! Best present ever!!

Since moving from an apartment to a house with a wonderful pizza shaped backyard, I’ve become so conscious of sustainability and being environmentally green. My veggie patch is thriving and continues to feed us. We would like to return the favour by keeping our food scraps and returning the favour. This little compact bin sits next to my sink, collects the peels, skins and off cuts of vegetables, fruits and egg shells and then gets tossed into my mother of a compost bin that sits outdoors under the sun, brewing happily away.

In My Kitchen: is a beautiful arrangement of Camellia flowers from my front yard.

light pink cut camelia flowers vase

Our front and backyard has quite the collection of mature and established Camellia tree’s, many well over 30 years old. They continue to flower throughout Autumn and Winter and I love displaying the cut flowers throughout my house.

In My Kitchen: is this terribly embarrassing apron

lisa's kitchen tea 030

A gift from my Kitchen Tea party 6 years ago. I suppose it’s something I was suppose to wear for my husband when I cook him dinner!! Ha!! I wear it every now and again, purely to entertain myself for a laugh.

In My Kitchen: is a jar of green cherry tomatoes, pickling away

pickled green tomato tourshi

My Mother and I recently visited a local Community Garden and the Tomato bushes had an abundance of green tomatoes. We were encouraged to pick as many as we wished, so we did just that and turned them into pickles. They have another 2 weeks of storing before we can open the jar and give them a taste.

Growing up, my Mumma would always have plenty of jars of pickles in the laundry. The laundry was often the darkest and coolest room in the house and the perfect place to hide the pickles. I say hide, because my Dad and I would often sneak around the house in search of pickles, find them and open the jars, well before they were ready to drink the pickling liquid, vinegar and all…Yes, we’re weird!

Also In My Kitchen is a large bowl of home-grown West Indian Lime and Mandarins.

Indian Limes and Mandarins

Mr Wog is a horticulturist, a nursery purchaser and a handy landscaper. Do we have the Garden from Eden? NOOOOOOO! Plumbers have pipes at home that leak, Electricians have light globes at home that need replacing, and we have a weed infested backyard. Well, most of it anyways! I have a wonderful veggie patch in one corner that is most happy and thriving, but the rest of the yard is what he calls ‘A work in progress’

So anyway, Mr Wog quite often does garden consultations around Sydney, primarily the Northern Beaches and he comes across some of the most beautiful waterfront gardens. One client he was visiting had an overgrown West Indian Lime and Mandarin tree, with fruit completely overtaking the leaves. He was welcome to forage the trees and brought home these beauties. I love that there are blemishes, I love that the skin and peel are not perfect, I love that these are not ‘seedless’ and I love that these taste real. By real, I mean when you cut the fruit, the zing from the citrus squirts and fills up the room with its freshness.

I can’t wait till our citrus trees properly fruit in our own backyard.

Hope you enjoyed this instalment of IMK, they’re always the post I look forward to the most! Read my previous entries here xx


48 thoughts on “In My Kitchen June 2013

  1. What a gorgeous contrast twixt the very elegant camellia reticulata [ours don’t bloom till early spring in the Southern Highlands, only the sasanquas are covered with blossoms!] and that fun apron! Used to collect all kinds of offbeat ones but this is a newie 🙂 ! Oh, and have looked at these compost bins myself, but I better start my longplanned outside one first . . . 😀 !

  2. Wow we have a similar kitchen this month! I too have a bowl of citrus on my bench. I can’t wait to get a compost bin when we move into our house. I would be just as excited as you to receive one!

  3. You look good in the Apron, lol. I have a retro one that says “If it fits in the toaster, I can cook it”. Forgot I had it on one day and went out the front of my friend’s place where we were doing a big cookup, her neighbour’s laughed at me.

  4. Love, love, love the smell of limes, my favourite citrus fruit, how lucky are you to have been given all that delicious fruit. I wold also love some pickling recipes please! Love your blog Lisa :-)! X

  5. Your Tumbleweed bin is exactly what I need! I’ve been using a random bowl for scraps and really do need something with a lid, otherwise it just looks like garbage sitting on the counter. Love those limes and mandarins!

    • The lid is so good on this Judy, it’s got a filter and air vent so the flies can’t get to it, and it’s such a great size, it doesn’t get too heavy when it’s time to transfer the contents to the actual compost bin!

  6. the best thing about that compost bin is its lid! Almost all my kitchen scraps go straight into the mouths of my animals. But i have to have seperate containers for them. Daisy the cow loves orange peels, but the pigs hate them. The pigs love banana peels but Daisy hurls them to the floor in disgust. Of course the hens eat EVERYTHING.. But the compost heap would be a much better option! Love the idea of your pizza shaped garden! c

  7. I did enjoy your IMK post, Lisa. Your apron cracked me up and brought to mind quite a few others that I’ve seen over the years. Loved you description of those limes and Mandarins. Nothing beats home-grown quality. I do hope you’re going to share your tomato pickling recipe(s). Oh, there’s no need to rush on my account. I’ve still only blooms on my tomato plants. 🙂

  8. Don’t listen to your work colleagues – a compost bin makes for a perfect present… either that or you and I have warped ideas of a good gift! I never realised that green tomatoes could be pickled… please share the recipe – chances are the British ‘summer’ will deliver another harvest of unripe fruit this year.

  9. I love the apron. What fun. And as you have a garden, how handy to have a compost bin. I don’t think I have ever had a pickled green tomato. My mother used to keep her preserves in the laundry too for the same reason xx

  10. Firstly, you have a daughter?! Woot? You don’t look old enough. Secondly, the apron is a scream! The compost bin is a great idea… I have one in my kitchen too, smaller I think. And those camelias… just gorgeous!

  11. I so need a bench top compact bin too, we just use a bowl and I’m constantly at my girls too empty it as it looks so awful!

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